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Hiking in Corsica with bed & breakfast - Vallecime
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The team -

Born in central Corsica, Pascale and Jean François are hiking specialists and extremely fond of the mountain.

Pascale discovered the Corsican mountains following her father, Jean, on his hikes. Through her travels and meetings with interesting people, she has become passionate about Corsica's artistic, musical and historical heritage. While hiking, Pascale invites you to take a different look at the fauna, flora and human presence, past and present, in the Corsican wilderness.

As for Jean François, no introduction is necessary. When he was four years old, he was already splashing in the "pozzine" of Lake Nino. When he was 24, combining his experience of long-distance hiking and thirst for adventure, he broke the record, which he still holds, for speed mountain hiking along the GR20 (from Calenzana to Conca). Despite his young age, he has been guiding for 20 years. He will teach you how to tame the sometimes harsh Corsican mountains and lead you safely to where you can observe wild animals.

We speak Corsican, French and Italian. Pascale also speaks English and Spanish. We live in our mountain village year-round, and our goal is to make you discover the Corsican wilderness, off the beaten track.

You will meet genuine people, share a meal with our shepherd friends, and never forget those special moments of authenticity and simplicity: a traditional "merendella" (picnic), a transhumance, amongst the many things our Corsican mountains have to offer.




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